Saturday, July 19, 2008

OFWMD - 301108

November 30 (Philippine Time) shall be observed as:

Overseas Filipino Workers and Migrants Day

On this day as the sun shines on our Homeland, all Filipinos who are spread all over the face of Planet Earth, regardless of profession, gender and age will be united in spirit and aspirations to deliver three very important messages to all:

1. For ourselves

We are proud of being Filipinos in blood and spirit

2. For our loved ones, leaders and countrymen in the Homeland

We are hoping that unity, progress and good governance will reign in the homeland, instead of divisiveness, poverty and greed.

3. For the Citizens and Government of our Host Countries

Compliment us with respect for all our work, sacrifices and contributions we have been doing for your country and people.

How can we show our support on this undertaking on November 30 (Philippine Time) ?

By doing any, most or all of the following suggestions, depending on ones personal choice and limitations by situation:

1. If with leave credits, file a leave of absence/day off to spend the whole day celebrating with fellow Filipinos.

2. If without leave credits and yet you can justify not reporting for work to your employer, do the same thing.

3. If you will jeopardize your job by going on leave, you can resort to a “slow down” or a “sit-down strike”.

4. If a “slow down” or a “sit-down strike” will jeopardize your job, do anything or all of those indicated below.

5. Have a feast of Filipino Dishes with your family, relatives and friends

6. Waive a miniature Philippine Flag on you way to work/display it in your work desk

7. Embrace, shake hands or greet Fellow Filipinos you meet anywhere the whole day

8. Wear “Made in the Philippines” shirt or dress and accessories

9. Patronize Filipino restaurants or buy Filipino food and beverages, e.g., San Miguel Beer
10. Listen to Filipino songs

11. Have a Filipino Dance Party

12. Call your relatives and friends in the Philippines

13. Reminisce the happy times in the Homeland by watching Filipino films, videos, etc.

14. Whistle the tune of the National Anthem: “Lupang Hinirang”

15. Recite “Panatang Makabayan”

16. Tell your fellow co- workers how proud you are of being a Filipino

17. Bake a cake for the event and share it with fellow Filipinos or co-workers

18. Extend a helping hand to a Filipino in need, whether relatives, friends or even total strangers

19. Greet your fellow Filipino “Happy OFW and Migrants Day” through SMS/texts

20. Say a prayer for the safety and good health of all OFWs and Filipino migrants in every part of the world.

Simultaneous activities in the homeland to be initiated by our loved ones, OFW Institutions and Advocates will include Mass offerings in churches, praying for the safety and welfare of OFWs, bouquet offerings in various embassies emphasizing the message: Respect our people in your country as we respect your citizens here.

Are we asking too much? Is it possible? Can we do it?

We believe we all can! After all we are Filipinos …Sugod mga kapatid!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Bagong Pilipino!

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas!
To SIGN UP and signify your commitment to join this global celebration, just CLICK on the following LINKS:

Please ADD your NAME and E-MAIL address in the LIST as you PASS ON / FORWARD …

Send CC to ALL those ahead of you for proper monitoring and coordination among all of us.

Anita Sese Schon
Copper Sturgeon
Mark Dario
JM Nepomuceno
Austri Basinillo
Zerzes Villadarez
Irineo Perez Goce
Cenin Monreal

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